Saddle the wind.  To cross the ocean if you will.

ـ”زین بر نسیم بگذار
(1)تا بگذری از این بحر”ـ
Written by: Iraj Yamin-Esfandiary

Couple years ago on January 16, 2014, I had a presentation in SIAP events, under the name of “GREEN ARCHITECTURE AND FORM” advocating with the advancing building technology there are more and better possibilities to create imaginary forms closer to what nature has offered us. Then I argued if the “Green Architecture” wants to be considered architecture should translate all those natural green techniques into forms similar to those best workable samples nature has produced for thousands of years. You may read the article by clicking on the following: معماری سبز و فرم

The two following recent projects by Zaha Hadid Architects proves that we are getting closer to the wish expressed above.

The new Port House in Antwerp, Belgium

Surrounded by water, the new extension’s façade is a glazed surface that ripples like waves and reflects the changing tones and colours of the city’s sky. Read more>>

Nanjing International Youth Culture Center

“The Culture and Conference Centre masterplan expresses the continuity, fluidity and connectivity between the urban environment of Hexi New Town, the agricultural farmland along the Yangtze river and the rural landscapes of Jiangxinzhou Island,” Read more>>

(1) – دکتر محمدرضا شفیعی کدکنی

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